Developing a Work Ethic


My mom has the best work ethic of anyone I know. She works full time as a 6th grade math and science teacher in a very low-income school district. Despite spending long days with awkward teenagers in arguably one of the most difficult age groups, she loves her job. Growing up, I remember waking up early and my mom would be leaving the house at 6:30 a.m. so that she could meet with parents or tutor students before the school day began.

After work my mom would drive across town to coach whatever sport I was playing that season. Whether it was soccer or basketball, my mom alternated her Monday/Wednesdays, and her Tuesday/Thursdays to coach my sister and I’s teams. After practice she would make dinner and help us get started on our homework.

As a college student, I have a very busy schedule. I’m a full time student, I work part-time as a preschool teacher, I currently hold two internship positions and I’m an active member in several clubs on campus. Some days I come home exhausted and don’t have much energy to do anything else. Then, I think about my mom and how much effort and love she put into raising our family. Looking back I’m sure she was tired at the end of each day but she always had such a positive attitude and I never heard her complain.

As I get ready to enter the post-grad workforce and begin my career, one main thing I will bring with me is the drive and strong work ethic that my mom instilled in me. Everyone has busy schedules and bad days from time to time, but by maintaining a positive attitude and reflecting on what is important will help me stay motivated and engaged in my career.

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