Case Study: Allstate Foundation Purple Purse


Founded in 2005, the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse aims to create long-term safety and security for survivors of domestic violence through financial empowerment. Nearly one in four women will be affected by domestic violence in her lifetime making this a prevalent issue in society. The Allstate foundation commissioned a national survey titled “Silent Weapon: Domestic Violence and Financial Abuse,” which found that nearly eight in 10 people said they did not know much about financial abuse as it relates to domestic violence.

In only one month the Purple Purse challenge raised nearly $2.5 million to benefit financial empowerment services for survivors, a 614 percent increase from the revenues raised in 2013. The campaign resulted in more than 23,000 media placements and a reach of one billion impressions through earned media and social platforms. Earned broadcast placements included “Good Morning America,” CNN, E!, Associated Press, and many more. Online, The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse became a trending topic with more than 13,500 #PurplePurse social media posts across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



Nearly one in four women will be affected by domestic violence in her lifetime. In a survey commissioned by The Allstate Foundation it discovered that two-thirds of Americans believe domestic violence is a serious problem, while revealing that just over one in three has ever talked about the issue. The Purple Purse campaign aimed to start a discussion about financial abuse as a form of domestic violence while raising money support survivors seeking help.



Pros: This campaign did a really good job of engaging its Hispanic audience. The survey conducted by the Allstate Foundation found a strong correlation between age and ethnicity and prevailing views of financial abuse. Hispanics are twice as likely to recognize domestic violence as a serious problem among people they know than their white, non-Hispanic counterparts. To reach this demographic The Allstate Foundation placed an exclusive on the Hispanic survey statistics with the international news agency Agencia EFE. A Spanish language Satellite Media Tour, Audio News Release and ( completed this outreach initiative and provided key domestic violence information to an essential program audience.

Cons: It is hard to find cons in the work done by The Allstate Foundation and the Zeno Group. The campaign received national media attention and nearly one billion media impressions, a 447 percent increase in program media results from 2013. Fundraising efforts increased revenues 614 percent from the previous year meaning nearly $2.5 million was donated to financial empowerment services for survivors. This campaign was hugely successful and set a high standard for years to come.



The 2014 Allstate Foundation Purple Purse campaign raised nearly $2.5 million for survivors of financial abuse. Given the success of this campaign I would recommend continuing this campaign in future years while increasing influencer outreach. The 2014 campaign engaged 200 bloggers leaving room to engage more influencers in future years. At a local level, The Allstate Foundation issued the Purple Purse Challenge to 140 nonprofits across the country with the goal of raising money for domestic violence survivors and the organizations that serve them. I would recommend continuing local outreach and working with companies to establish a Purple Purse workplace giving campaign to increase awareness of the issue and raise money in support of survivors.

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